The Walk is a biblically-based program
of classes designed to:

– Lead believers in Christ deeper in their relationship with the Lord
– Enable them to stand in the truth in the midst of a culture of deception
– Give them tools to better study the Bible to increase their faith and obedience
– Equip them for leadership roles within the church

Classes will cover various topics under four categories:

•Deaf Community Group
Room A203, Led by Rogelio Rocha

Room B101, Led by William Davis

•Women’s Study: Let. It. Go.
How to Stop Running the Show
and Start Walking in Faith
Room B105, Led by Margie Flowers

Room A202, Led by Keith Swartzbaugh

•Intercessory Prayer Group
Room A203, Led by Rosalinda Leal

•1 Thessalonians
BT Adult Singles
Room B102, Led by Esther Rosario

•Men’s Community Group
Room B105, Led by Joseph McCoy