Isauro Medina

Children’s Pastor

In 2001 I came to BT to participant in a marriage-counseling seminar. In reality I came to get information so that I could reproduce the seminar for my fathers church. While my wife (Lydia) and I attended the seminar, my three boys (Andrew, Jeremy, Jordan) visited AWANA Club. On our way home they could not stop talking about how much fun they had. Since my dad’s church did not have a Sunday afternoon program, we began to bring our kids to BT AWANA Club. After a few weeks, I met with the Senior Pastor to ask if he would allow me to volunteer even though I was not a member. After a long conversation he said it would be ok. It wasn’t long after that; we realized we were being called to serve at BT.

Two years later I was called out of the pew to become the first Children’s Pastor at BT. Being on staff since 2002, I have held service in the old kid’s wing, the fellowship hall and finally in our new Children’s Worship Center. We have changes the name of our program from Kid’s Church, Kingdom Kids, and the finally to BTKIDZ. We have seen God do some amazing things in the lives of our kids and their families. The ministry has grown from 120 kids to over 500. God has blessed us with a wonderful team and some amazing volunteers. Our Sunday morning programs now include live worship, something we had been praying for, for a long time. Our AWANA Program served over 150 kids and our summer camps are filled to capacity. Vacation Bible School brings hundreds of kids and close to 250 volunteers. As good as that is, I know God has bigger and greater plans for us and we are trusting in Him all the way.

I have a deep desire to work with families in the area of parenting and family counseling, so after 18 years of being out of school I have gone back to pursue a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling, focusing on families and children. I don’t know to what extent the Lord will use that, but I am trusting in Him to show me. I can honestly say that being a Children’s Pastor was what I had in mind for my life, it was all Gods doing, and I am eternally grateful.

Fun facts:
I was married at the age of 19
I was a Pre-K teacher
I love to sew
I enjoy building things
I love decorating cakes