God has big plans for your life, and living out the Christian life can be challenging when you do it alone. Let BT.Church help you make the next step in your faith journey through one of these steps.



Baptism is the opportunity to publicly share your faith after making a commitment to Christ as your Lord and Savior. It's an outward profession of an inward belief with a public action of full immersion underwater.

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Becoming a member at BT.Church means you have decided to join us as part of the body of Christ in our community of believers. The body is made up of many parts, becoming a member will not only help you find your place, but you will also know what we believe as a church. Becoming a member is the next step to entering a community of other believers.

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A community group consists of believers and non believers who are gathering under one site to do life together. Every community group gives you the opportunity to learn from one another and grow in your walk with Christ. Every group will be encouraging, and inspire you to continue connecting with God.

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We are all called to serve somewhere because our lives are gifts from God. At BT.Church we have opportunities that serve the church and the community, and you can help with the gifts that God has given you. Everywhere you serve will give you an opportunity to be a difference maker.

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